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Solar Battery Breakthrough!

Solar Battery Breakthrough!

31 Mar 2015

Every day, our customers ask about Solar with Battery Backup, and every day a new breakthrough in Battery technology is announced. A major new report from the Deutsche Bank has predicted that large-scale energy storage will achieve a mass market penetration as soon as 2020!

Battery technology has evolved over the years, from the old school Lead Acid batteries of the past, to the new AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Lithium Ion batteries; and paring batteries with Solar Panels are a natural partnership. We have helped our customers achieve independence from the grid with our Outback Battery Backup systems and our new Enphase Battery Backup Systems (Coming Soon in 2016!) and each year our engineers make certain our customers take advantage of the best cutting edge technology the world has to offer. Soon, our Battery systems won’t be regulated to just backup power, but they will work throughout the day offsetting peak demand loads and saving you even more money!

Solar Energy USA is incredibly excited for this shift in the paradigm for Solar Power. Every day, costs are rapidly dropping and we expect that coupling Solar with Batteries will be the new standard, not the exception. Call Solar Energy USA to find out how you can achieve grid independence today!