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Commercial Case Study:
168 Panel Solar PV Array In Dahlonega, GA

Commercial Install in Dahlonega, Georgia

This solar project uses the latest in solar energy conversion innovation – cutting-edge microinverter technology – which help identify each individual solar panel’s power output. A live feed of each day’s solar energy production will be shown in the office’s waiting area so that customers can see how much power the sun is contributing to run the medical devices used to diagnose their ailments.

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Install At A Glance

  • Commercial Installation
  • 38.64 kW Photovoltaic (PV) System
  • 168 Panels
  • Cutting-edge Microinverters
  • Will Offset 1,562 Tons Of CO2 Over 35 Years
  • 58,484 kWh Of Energy In 1st Year

Install Results

The development is a win-win-win for the medical company. It will save them money, help protect against power rate increases, and will also establish their orthopedic office as a role model for other medical companies and North Georgia businesses in the area to adopt renewables and implement clean energy practices. This project was made possible by various incentives including the GA Clean Energy Tax Credit and the Federal Renewable Energy Grant which covered over 90% of the total cost. Over 35 years this system will offset more than 1,562 tons of CO2, equivalent to planting 37,273 trees or removing 49,291 gallons of gasoline from the road. In it’s first year it will produce over 58,484 kWh of energy.

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