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Commercial Case Study:
420 Panel Solar PV Array In Waco, TX

Commercial Install in Waco, Texas

Texas consumes more energy than any other state in the nation and a majority of that energy usage comes from businesses. Our commercial solar customer in Waco, Texas installed the following photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system comprised of 420 250W panels for a total of 105kW.

Install At A Glance

  • Commercial Installation
  • 105 kW Photovoltaic (PV) System
  • 420 250W Panels
  • $21k Est. Savings In 1st Year

Install Results

This solar install will help them save over $21,000 dollars on electricity costs in the first year alone! These savings go directly to their bottom line, reducing their fixed costs and allowing them to protect themselves from power rate increases that will continue to occur over time. Federal commercial solar tax incentives covering roughly 60% of total project costs helped make this project possible.

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